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The benefits of colon irrigation

An enema bathes only the lower part of the colon whereas with colonic irrigation, the entire five foot plus length of the colon is bathed. A qualified colon hygienist will ensure that your colonics are safe, painless and clean. It's really important that you find a trained hygienist with whom you are comfortable and who works at a pace that suits you.

It's best to start off with two colonics during the first week to facilitate the elimination of old waste and toxins. After that, you and the therapist can set up a schedule for how many more you might need. It varies for everyone, however, don't be discouraged if you must have several more treatments over a few months because it won't happen forever. Once the body's inner ecology is re-established, it will only be necessary to come periodically to maintain health and muscle tone.

The greatest expectation one has of colonics is to cleanse the colon thoroughly to remove a heavy plaque of fecal matter which prevents the body from healing. It won't happen overnight although how much effort you make in terms of dietary and lifestyle changes can make a great difference. It's good to begin by drinking some herbal teas which will help loosen the plaque prior to colonics treatment. The sooner you adopt a new healthier regime which you have committed to long term, the faster you will progress. This includes exercising regularly, taking a fibre source like psyllium seed powder/husk, consuming a quality purified drinking water plus eating more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

Be sure that the colon hygienist of your choice uses filtered water without chlorine as it kills friendly bacteria. Yes, it's true that colonics do wash out some friendly bacteria with the toxins; however, most of us don't have that much to begin with. What matters the most is that yeast and unfriendly bacteria are eliminated. After the health of the colon is restored, the friendly bacteria can be replaced by taking probiotics orally.

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