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Everything About Sliding Glass Door Replacement

If your sliding glass door is too old, then you need to replace it with a new one. And this article is designed especially for you as it tells about correct replacement of an old sliding glass door with a new and modern one - Vinyl frame sliding glass door. By the way, if you have French doors at present and would like to replace them with sliding doors, this article can be also of great help for you.

So, let's get started. Undoubtedly, the first thing to be done if your wish to replace your old glass door, is to take correct measurements for the new replacement door. To do it in a proper way, you'll need to measure the door across the bottom, then the center, and finally the top of the current door frame. It's necessary to define the narrowest dimension. The measurements should be taken from the outside of the door. It's necessary to measure at the point of the end of the old door frame and the beginning of the exterior material. This material can be, for instance, siding, stucco, or brick. Here you'll need to measure also across in the three places: top, center, and bottom. Define the smallest dimension and record it.

The next thing you'll need to do is to go inside and take the same measurements described higher. Measure the place where the frame finishes and the plaster, drywall, or sheetrock starts. Be careful to take all six measurements, then define the narrowest dimension as usual, and deduct 3/4". This will be the width of your new door.

Now it's the high time to measure the height of your future glass door. it can be done on the outside. For it you'll need to measure the left, central, and right side from the lower part where the bottom track is located and up to the top point where the old frame finishes and the exterior material starts. As usual, choose the narrowest dimension and deduct 1/2". This will be the height of your new door.

The next step of glass door replacement, concerns determining of the side on which the sliding panel should be on. The matter is that the fixed panel is named by the letter "O", while the slider is designated by an "X". Almost all over the United States of America, you call it out while observing the door from outside. In this position you can only read left to right. So, if you look at the door from the outside and you wish the sliding panel to close to the right wall, you'll need to look for an "OX". But recently it has been discovered that not all states of the country do it in this way. So it's recommended to the customer to ask the dealer of the way how they read the opening before installing the shower glass door for you.

The next thing for you to do is to decide what kind of frame you would like to have: a retrofit frame or a replacement frame. If the old frame is covered with the exterior material, like stucco, for instance, then it's recommended to choose the retrofit frame that has an outside fin. This will remove the need of trimming the outside. If the opening is surrounded by the brick or siding, it's better to purchase a replacement frame and have it trimmed on the outside on your own. For this purpose such materials as vinyl, wood, etc can be used. All of them can be bought in many major hardware store chains. Remember to take the measurements of the depth of the old door's frame. The matter is that most of vinyl replacement doors have a frame depth of 4 3/4". The majority of door openings is they are framed have the depth of 5 1/2" to the inmost side of the wall. It can be plaster, drywall, etc. Thus, after installing the new door, it's necessary to apply some kind of trim product in order to build the inside of the door frame for it to be flush with the surface of the wall.

Finally, it has to be emphasized that before starting the process of door glass replacement, one needs to get all the needed materials and tools necessary. After you order a new replacement door you can start installing it on your own or with the help of your friend, or just hiring a team of professionals. Usually after ordering the door, you'll have two-four weeks to get everything ready for installing it. By the way you may also need a roll of R-13 Insulation, caulk, dust masks, liquid nails for the track, shims, 4" deck screws, and safety glasses. Before the arrival of your new door you'll have some time to take the old door out of your house.