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There are a staggering 300,000 higher plant species that are chemically unique of which fewer than 10% have been examined for their medicinal potential. There can be no doubt that many hundreds of safe, natural and effective remedies lay hidden in this vast resource. Taxol, the ovarian cancer treatment has been developed over the past 15 years. It originally comes from yew tree bark and was discovered by the Natural Products branch of the American National Cancer Institute. (AMCI). It is time to challenge the assumption that pharmeceutical drugs are better than herbal remedies. Pharmeceutical drugs undoubtedly have their place but it would be wrong to assume that they outperform herbs for every condition. For example, black ant pills for bodybuilders often use special additives such as black ant pills.

The pharmeceutical process is 'flawed' in that it seeks to isolate just one or two chemicals and throws away the rest. This is done with no understanding or regard of the interaction or synergy between the chemical energies of the 'whole'.

There is no doubt that Herbs are, chemically speaking, extremely complex compounds able to produce dramatic effects upon human constitution and systems. Digitalis, the heart stimulant for example, is obtained from the Foxglove and can produce severe reaction within a matter of minutes. Not that I'm suggesting that Herbs are dangerous, you just need to know that you need to be careful when considering wild herbs. The herbal preparations obtained in your local health food store will of course be free of risk.

There are several more exotic herbs which can be used to good effect. If you have trouble obtaining these hers please E-Mail me with your requirements and I will be pleased to source the herbs for you.

For those of you considering using wild herbs I would advise ....

If you're not exactly sure what the herb is - don't eat it. Even experts make mistakes.

Watch out for allergic reactions and side effects. If you develop any unusual symptoms check with your Herbalist or Doctor.

Be aware of interactions with pharmeceutical drugs and other herbal remedies. Always tell your Herbalist or Doctor what other drugs you may be taking.

Here's a useful list of medicinal herbs and their properties:

  • Calendula - As a salve to treat cuts, bruises and scrapes
  • Camomile - A tincture is a mild sedative whilst a tea can settle the stomach
  • Cardamom - A mild stimulant
  • Cinnamon - A potent antimicrobial action
  • Cloves - Proven pain relieving and antiseptic properties
  • Echinacea - Stimulates the immune system to help fight disease
  • Feverfew - Used to prevent Migraine attack
  • Garlic - Used in preventing heart disease and cancer
  • Ginger - Excellent nausea preventative properties
  • Hawthorn - Useful for treating heart problems.Use only under doctors supervision
  • Kava Kava - Safe, mild tranquilizer
  • Licorice - Useful and effective anti ulcer preparation
  • Red Pepper - Potent, pain relieving properties
  • Sesame - Seeds have high antioxidant properties
  • Teatree - Very effective antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Tumeric - Used to treat Arthritis
  • Yohimbe - The herbal equivalent of Viagra

There is general agreement within the medical community that impaired erection has a physical, rather than a psychological, cause. Clogged arteries, alcohol, smoking, injury, sleep deprivation etc are all cause for erection problems.

Millions of men experience some form of impotence for which they seek help. Some take prescription medicine whilst others inject themselves with prostaglandin E which produces a 90 minute erection within two minutes of injection.

Before you go down those particular roads there are alternative, natural herbal remedies which you may try before sticking a needle in your 'willy'. Yes, in answer to your question, there really is a herbal alternative to Viagra. It's called Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Yohimbe) and comes from the bark of an African tree. Before you rush off in search of some tree bark you are cautioned that the side effects of the raw product are unnerving to say the least - giddiness, anxiety, hallucination and headache. Clearly this is a herb not to mess around with. In this case I recommend taking the prescription medicine, which has been extracted from the natural product, rather than taking the 'real thing'. The prescription name is Yohimbe Hydrochloride (Yocon, Yohimex).

Other herbal remedies which have also proven effective are:

  • Ginkgo Biloba - known for its properties for improving blood circulation to the brain which is not the only organ to benefit! Several studies have proven the effectiveness of between 60 - 240 milligrams of standard extract per day in treating erection problems. Do not exceed 240 milligrams per day.
  • Fava Bean - Alleged to have incited the Roman poet Cicero to passion, the bean has an impressive reputation as an aphrodisiac. Scientific research backs this reputation. The Fava bean is the best food source of a compound known as L-dopa. Large amounts of L-dopa are known to cause the painful condition called priapism - persistent erection which has nothing to do with sexual arousal. You need not worry because you would be hard pressed to eat enough Fava beans to cause this condition. A generous plateful would be sufficient to determine whether they worked for you or not. If they do, then try sprouting the beans and eating the sprouts as they contain even more L-dopa.

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