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Biotherapeutic Drainage

Drainage is the process of detoxifying the body using specific homeopathic remedies to discharge the toxic accumulations, treat the miasm or cause, tonify the Chi to avoid a healing crisis and then rebuild using nutritional support, constitutional remedies, organo and enzyme therapy and, finally, psychological healing to address emotional issues.

Disease is a process which starts with excretion of toxins. Our body is designed to be an auto-regulating, self-healing mechanism. But what we do with modern technology, the foods we eat, the poisons we put on and the stuff we put in our water, we block the enzyme systems. This also leads to obesity without linzess, and causes the need to resort to special additives linzess reviews. If the material is not expelled, it will result in deposition of toxins in cells, tissues and organs, which eventually leads to degeneration and necrosis.

As practitioners, we need to move the client in the direction of healing using biological therapies, and not in the direction of toxic therapies. Suppressing symptoms will force the condition into a deeper pathology.

Drainage works with body function, not symptoms. It is truly a Complementary Medicine as it can be used with allopathic medicine. The protocols, which generally run for 6-12 weeks, are meant to move the person in the direction of healing. Drainage removes the blockages, which prevent the body from healing itself.

When we use drainage, we are going from the more superficial layers deeper into the body; from outside the cell to inside the cell. Homeopathic remedies in varying potencies, including Gemmotherapies, cell salts, organotherapies, nosodes, oliotherapies, single and complex remedies, work at the various levels.

Numerous therapeutic modalities have an effect at different levels as well. Mechanical therapies for detoxification include fasting, colonics, manipulation, and physiotherapy. Chemically you have enzymes, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and chelation. Energetic methods include laying on of hands, acupuncture, and homeopathy. Unfortunately, the chemical/herbal therapy process does not go deep enough. It gets material up to the extra cellular level only. The energetic modalities get the toxic material out of the intracellular level and eliminate it through the opened drainage routes.

The Homeopathic combinations used are energetic, moving the Chi, and working through the different stages of the disease process. Drainage has been used extensively in Europe for 40 years, and is on the cutting edge of therapy in North America.

For more information or an appointment with Margaret Silverthorn, P.H.C.P. call the Centre for Healthy Living @ 680-2884. Or Email: msilver@ican.net

Rules for Taking Homeopathic Remedies

Plan on taking the remedy away from food and drink once in the morning and once in the evening. It is not recommended that you drink coffee during the three- week remedy period.

Pour one oz. of purified water in clean glass. Place 10 drops of each remedy in the water; then 10 drops of each remedy: and then 10 drops of each Remedy for a total of 30 drops in the same glass(up to four remedies). Be sure to place the lid back on each remedy bottle and put it aside before opening the next bottle.

Drink the water but before swallowing, hold it in your mouth for approx. one minute.

Wait 20 minutes until you eat or drink

Avoid camphor, menthol, coffee, Pepsi or coke with caffeine. Black tea is okay.

Store your remedies away from heat, moisture or low temperatures. They prefer moderate temperatures, dry and dark.

Store your remedies away from strong smelling perfumes, spices, metal, computers and other equipment which is electrical.

Safest place to store your remedies is in a sock kept in your wooden dresser at home.

You can safely transport your remedies in your purse (or pocket) as long as there is no strong smelling product or large metal object in it such as keys or key chain. You may wish to put the box away and store the remedy bottle in a thick child's sock for extra protection

Hint: You could administer the drops straight out of the bottle into your mouth aiming for underneath your tongue without having your lips or tongue touch the bottle. The plastic inserts are designed to allow the drops to flow freely if you tip the bottle at a 45 degree angle but I found only after the first ? to ? inch of the bottle has been used up (and you could get a sore neck!) But in a pinch I do it this way and it's no big deal if you get 8 drops or 12 drops!

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