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That as a therapist I guide others to reclaim their inner truth. I believe within all of us is a place of clarity; a place from which we know what choices, beliefs, and changes best serve our path in life. The therapeutic relationship provides the support, safety, honesty, challenge, and humor to move through the blockage to inner truth.

The only way to live our truth is through balance in mind, body, and soul. To truly live a life of joy and vitality and successfully ride the waves life presents us; we must achieve mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Exploring the messages and meaning of physical illness, life transition, loss, and relationship patterns helps us shift from a powerless position to a powerful position in our lives. From a position of power we understand the intricate weaving of events and how they become part of the tapestry we weave for ourselves. What previously felt like hopeless repetition and pain becomes the road map to healing and change.

By challenging antiquated, limiting beliefs and developing nurturing, supportive, and energizing beliefs we can express ourselves honestly and enjoy more fulfilling relationships and lifestyles. Learning to take responsibility for our thoughts, behaviors and emotions while allowing others the same, opens our capacity for trust, honesty, compassion and intimacy. There is nothing loving about caretaking others and living in a state of chronic toxic resentment, not to mention the health risks of doing so. There can never be intimacy where there is not honesty with ourselves first. When we live an honest loving relationship with ourselves we no longer choose to be reckless and self-defeating in our relationships with others, food, alcohol, money, and the Internet. When we open up to ourselves, we open up to the healing capacity and growth potential in our relationships. Allowing ourselves to be seen by another allows us to heal our wounds and share a sacred space with others.

Assessing our motivation in life is critical to living our truth. When we are driven by external motivation, another's definition of success, and keeping others at an emotional distance, we experience internal conflict. This conflict can manifest itself through depression, anxiety, chronic illness, mood swings, low self-esteem, body shame, self-destructive behaviors and spiritual numbness. We live in a culture that promotes workaholism, quick fixes, devalues the wisdom of experience (yes, that means age), fears death, and minimizes our capacity to heal ourselves. I believe we must change this; we must reclaim the power, healer and divinity within us. As we do this we support others to reclaim the same within themselves.

Learning to laugh and lighten up on ourselves is part of the healing process. Laughter and acceptance is still a fabulous prescription that our HMO's cannot deny us!

The therapeutic relationship is designed to meet your specific needs. You will be supported to honor your emotions with balance in thought and behavior. Learning to communicate effectively is essential to your well being. It is the foundation of getting your needs met and enjoying fulfilling growth oriented relationships. Resolving past physical, emotional or sexual traumas allows you to end the connection to the past and enjoy renewed energy in the present. The hurt has already happened. It is normal to be afraid of this process, yet it takes far more energy to contain past hurts than it does to heal. You are always in control of your healing process. Denial and suppression keeps you connected to those painful events. The healing process is about reclaiming your lost energy and spirit.

The therapeutic relationship involves developing trust, taking risks, being heard and supported. Doing so allows your mind, body, and spirit to be freed. Entering therapy is a choice to make your life different - to truly open up to life.

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Hi Jihan and everyone, I just found that I can join this message board - fun stuff! Finding Jihan and John has been a true blessing and thanks to Kathy B for leading me to them. May God continue to bless Kathy always!! and all God's blessings on Jihan and John. You have taught me to "never say never"...a big change from just accepting and dealing with what comes my way. I still "accept" but the "dealing" part is now with a different goal. Now I "never say never"!
lotsaluv, Veronica